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BeBord´s mission is the need to provide business solutions “beyond borders” for the challenges of the 21 century.


BeBord is an ecosystem of senior executives. With more than 25 years of professional experience, each of us brings a distinctive expertise in different industries, countries and markets. 80% of our members developed their career in a multinational company. The remaining 20% are entrepreneurs from all walks of life; most of them with decades of leading start-ups and projects.


Our proposal is to use our combined diversity of experience and knowledge on the global stage to identify new business opportunities that provide a different, innovative and fresh perspective, achieving better and more sustainable business results.


Our aim: to foster ideas, projects and businesses with an international outlook.    





We take ideas and proposals from Entrepreneur Centers, Senior Executives  and Serial Entrepreneurs, in order to leverage decades of expertise and knowledge of "BeBord " ​with the energy, technology and ideas of the new generations.



As “Senior Entrepreneur Partners” (SEP) we provide experience and knowledge to complement the entrepreneur´s idea.

Our selection process is as thorough as it is careful in order to develop with the founders the best possible business model case by case.

Our offer includes mentoring activities, acceleration programs, investment and operating facilities.



Buenos Aires - Argentina

Barcelona & Madrid - Espana

Boston & Miami - USA

Delhi - India

Paris - Francia

Sao Pablo - Brasil

Milan - Italia

Auckland - New Zealand

Mexico DC

San Jose - Costa Rica

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